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Voice Over IP Phone Solutions

We partner with the industry leading provider to offer a seamless and modern VoIP phone service that takes your communication to the next level. Our VoIP solutions leverage the power of the internet to deliver crystal-clear voice calls, advanced features, and cost savings for your business.

First, we’ll work closely with you to understand your communication needs and existing infrastructure. Our experts will design a VoIP system tailored to your requirements, ensuring it aligns with your business goals. We can either set up a brand-new VoIP system or seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing network.

The implementation process involves provisioning VoIP phones and configuring the system settings for optimal performance. We handle all the technical aspects, ensuring a smooth transition from traditional phone systems to VoIP. Plus, our team provides training and support to ensure your staff can confidently use the new system.

With Spectrum MSP’s VoIP service, you’ll experience features like call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, video conferencing, and more, all designed to enhance collaboration and productivity. What’s more, VoIP often comes with cost savings compared to traditional phone systems, as you’ll benefit from reduced long-distance charges and the flexibility to scale your phone lines based on your needs.

All plans include:

Essential Plan

Essential Plan features for small businesses or those just starting with VoIP. Features such as unlimited voice and video call within US and Canada, voicemail to email, toll-free numbers, Outlook integration and unlimited internet fax

Professional Plan

Essential features plus unlimited conference calls, unlimited video conferencing, multi-level auto-attendant, screensharing, mobile and desktop apps, and Salesforce integrations

Enterprise Plan

Professional features plus call recording, voicemail transcription, MS Teams integrations, Salesforce Lightning and Cloud integration, and SSO

Whether you’re a small business looking to modernize your communication or a larger enterprise seeking scalability and advanced features, Spectrum MSP’s VoIP phone service has you covered. Say goodbye to outdated phone systems and hello to the future of communication with our reliable and customized VoIP solutions.

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